Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Nick!

Nick turned six this week. My little man is growing up. Sniff. We celebrated by ordering him a miniature trampoline. I can't wait until it's all set up--they can bounce to their hearts' content.

Notice Henry eyeing the gift he got Nick. He's plotting to run away with it.

Henry really struggled with the whole "these presents are not for me" idea. I took him with me to the store to help pick out Nick's gifts, and I had Henry choose one of the gifts to be "from" him. He didn't quite get the concept.

Nick was happily ripping into his gifts. Henry. . . well, his daddy had to hold him back.

Yes, Henry is trying to snatch back the present he got for Nick. 

Thank goodness Nick loves to read! I snagged him some great nonfiction titles from my school's book fair a few weeks back.

Since Nick has been really into Legos lately, we got him a set of bricks. Henry picked out a Lego Star Wars ship for Nick, but he just wouldn't let it go.

We took Nick out for a special meal at Moe Joe's in Plainfield. Surprisingly enough, we've never eaten there before. The Cajun-style food was really yummy, and the decor was cool. Would you believe Nick called this the "lowercase t wall?"  My kid cracks me up sometimes.

I think this is the only moment during our entire meal that Henry sat still.

Instead of a birthday cake, Nick had birthday beignets! It was amazingly delicious. I wish we'd ordered more.

Happy Birthday to my big six-year-old!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Easily Amused?

This afternoon we stopped at Costco for a few things. It's funny how no matter how few things I need at Costco, I cannot leave the store without dropping $100. I'll console myself with the fact that I've stocked up on enough fiber bars, Splenda, and Vitamin Water to last months. Because it's so cheap, I decided to let the boys pick what they wanted for dinner in the Costco Food Court.

They chose pizza. But what they were really excited about was the front row seat to the pizza-making process. Henry was downright mesmerized.

Henry kept waving at the people, and I'd have to tell him to stop distracting them. The one lady got a kick out of him watching her, though, and she kept grinning at him as he stared. In a few years, this kind of stalker-like fascination will be weird, but at three he's just cute.

Their favorite part was the machine that swirled the pizza around and squirted the pizza sauce on top. They watched for at least ten pizzas, and after each time they'd squeal, "Again!"


See what I mean? I think that perhaps my children are just easily amused. 

Pizza and two lemonades: $5.50
A Costco cart with only seven items: $138
30 minutes of both children sitting down quietly: priceless

Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall Photos

I like to multitask. Actually, even if I didn't like to multitask, at this point in my life, I don't have much of a choice. I never just do one thing; there's always an agenda. Take my trip to the mall.

Yup. Greg dressed Henry in a pajama top. Not sure why.

I needed an oil change, so I dropped my car off at the Sears. While I waited for the boys, I shopped for boots at the Carson's. My husband met me there and delivered Henry and Nick.

Oh, and yes. They did try to steal the balloons. I wouldn't let them.

Recently, Fox Valley has been putting these displays for kids to play with in their center area. If nothing else, they provide a few minutes of fun and some cool photo opportunities.

So between buying new boots, getting an oil change, dropping my shoes off at the repair shop, and finding a new pair of jeans, I managed to entertain these two.

They never stand still at the same time.

But the leaves are pretty cute, I think.

I got them to behave (mostly) by hyping the play area as a reward. They could stay in this play area for hours.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Well, we made it through another Halloween. We nearly froze, with temperatures in the 30s and really high winds, but the candy was plentiful. This morning, it was snowing, so I'm glad it stopped by the time evening came along.

Somehow the kids' cute costumes never look quite as cute when you have to bundle them up for the cold weather. Point in case: Henry this morning vs. this evening.

Mad Scientist? Check. Crazy hair? Check. Doc Brown? Definitely.

See? The effect isn't the same with a coat and a hat, especially when their winter hats are moose hats.

Pics of Henry are nearly always blurry because the boy won't stand still. 

We stopped at the "haunted house" down the street. The boys were too scared to go into the creepy garage. Frankly, I don't blame them. I wouldn't want to go in there, either. I did get them to pose, briefly.

Most costumes I saw tonight were obscured by winter coats and hats and such. Ah, well. Such is Halloween in Northern Illinois.

Greg snapped a picture of Nick in his Kindergarten Halloween parade this morning. I think his Marty McFly costume is much cuter without the moose hat.

We only lasted maybe an hour, but the boys still got almost more candy than they could carry. This year, most of the time the boys went up to the doors themselves and we stayed back on the sidewalk.

Nick even met a few new friends, including this guy.

Oh and under all those layers of costume and coat, guess what Henry was wearing? His Darth Vader hoodie. No matter what, he's always a Star Wars character under his clothing.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Night!

All the pieces finally fell into place tonight. Greg and I were both home. He found pumpkins and let the boys each pick out one. We found the carving knife and spoon. Tonight was pumpkin night!

Both boys wore their pumpkin tops like a hat, just like last year and the year before.

Nick can't wait until he's old enough to use the knife. I, however, am just fine with waiting.

Henry and Nick really liked playing with the pumpkin goop--they made quite a mess and loved the squishiness.

Greg did all of the carving and cleaning up. (Thank goodness! It was a mess!)

They sure had fun, though!

Nick even hid one of his Lego guys in the mess and then tried to rescue him.

Greg looks like he's having way too much fun with his arms up to the elbow in pumpkin goop. Well, I did tell him to smile.

Henry needed some help drawing his face, so that's why it's rather benign. I'm not much of an artist.

He's rather a jolly fellow, don't you think?

Nick's pumpkin had a bit more scare factor, since he gave it lots of sharp, sharp teeth.

My guys, sitting among their pumpkin creations. I had to give Nick and Henry a bath right after the pumpkin explosion. They were covered in orange goop, so we saved picture time for after bathtime.

I think their hair looks really cute after a bath, even if it does stick up somewhat. I'm waiting on haircuts until this weekend because I want Henry to be able to pull off the "mad scientist" costume.

They were so proud of their pumpkins.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

In the Pumpkin Patch

The skies were cloudy, but the smiles were bright while we visited the pumpkin patch.

We found some really funky looking pumpkins, and some interesting shapes, too. After reading about Spookley, the square pumpkin, it was neat to see such oddly shaped pumpkins, some of them with warts and weird patterns.

I wish we had taken some pumpkins home with us that day, but it started raining and we didn't. Now many of the stores are sold out and Greg has to go out pumpkin hunting. Ah, well.

The boys thought these vines were pretty awesome, and they liked feeling their prickliness. Greg had his coffee in one hand for our entire visit. He tends to drink his coffee over a time period of no less than an hour. I should try doing the same thing--I drink a 16 ounce cup in less than 15 minutes and then have another cup every morning.

Hugs on the hayride!

Henry liked picking up the little pumpkins and lining them up.

It's funny how I can never get my kids to both look happy at the same time. Ah well, Henry looks pretty cheerful in this one.

I think they look constipated in this one.

Nick preferred the bigger pumpkins, but was somewhat discouraged by the fact that he couldn't lift them.

Henry preferred sitting on the bigger ones to trying to lift them.

Have a great week!